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About me

Forty years is a long time to be in love, but there’s just something about electrons. Since I was a kid I’ve been crazy about software, hardware, anything at all having to do with technology. I love the power of it, how it lets us see things that are invisible to our unaided senses, helps us to understand things by dramatically compressing or expanding time, enables us to manage things that would otherwise overwhelm our memories or symbol manipulation skills, and how it enables us to communicate easily in spite of great distance, time, and cultural barriers.

Because of this love of technology, I live very much in the future, using tools and methods and devices that won’t be commonplace for months or sometimes even years. That gives me a different perspective, enabling me to describe some of the road ahead having already hit some of the obstacles.

In addition to technology, I love good food, so my personal recipes are also here. I put them online to share with friends and because I can never find anything.

Hopefully you’ll find some things of interest here, and join the conversation yourself.



New Articles

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Why Our Economy Isn’t Going Down the Tubes

Why Our Economy Isn’t Going Down the Tubes

This week I received one of those alarmist chain letters decrying the collapse of the American economy and using for argument 19 “shocking” statistics about the deindustrialization of America. Relax, that’s a good thing.

American Airlines Makes a Bad Customer Experience Worse

American Airlines Makes a Bad Customer Experience Worse

When things are going well, it’s easy to be nice. It’s only when the going gets rough that you find out what a person, or a company, is made of. Customers who experience service problems that are dealt with appropriately by the company score far higher on loyalty measurements than customers who have never had a problem at all. I guess nobody told American Airlines.

Bickford’s Apple Pancake

Bickford’s Apple Pancake

Decades ago I fell terribly and hopelessly in love with a young woman named Elaine. Any stranger on the street could see that we were doomed. I lived on the West Coast, she lived on the East Coast. She was smart and sophisticated and worldly. I, on the other hand, was...